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This is my bookmarks file. Whenever I press CTRL-D in my browser, the link is saved as an Org mode link in this simple text file. The file is published everytime I publish something in my blog. Except for everything I have tagged as 'noexport'. Which I do with some of the links.


Blogs to read

Sacha Chua: Living an awesome life, Category Emacs

Sacha Chua ist mostly known, for compiling the weekly Emacs News, but I also like her for her way of keeping the emacs community together, hosting virtual meetups and things like that. And for being a geek.

Pragmatic Emacs: practical tips for everyday emacs

Dr Ben Maughan is an astrophysicist using emacs for about 15 years, so he has a lot of experience that he has picked up along the way. Often he had already solved a problem, that is still poking me.

Bozhidar Batsov: Emacs Redux

Mostly known for his Package Projectile. I like his short tight stile of writing

Forums, mailing lists, etc

Org mode


Plain Text


Plaintext Productivity

Michael Descy. is a writer, programmer, and information systems auditor. He shows his style of working with plaintext on windows

Web Pages

Text and Glory

Many apps store your data in their own proprietary database and file format. This page shows a whole bunch of alternatives, and tells you why you should better change.


10 Plain Text Files You Should Have on Your Desktop for Higher Productivity

I personally don't go in for all 10, but I have myself some of them

A Plain Text Personal Organizer

While this blog mainly focuses on coding stuff, this is a blog entry about how to layout your plaintext files.

Why Geeks Love Plain Text (And Why You Should Too)

An article from Lifehack, which mostly focuses on motivation