Dead Projects Society

Project ideas and sketches, that never started, or where buried one day, 2021-12-28T00:10:00+01:00

Here you find a list of ideas, where I once thought of creating a project from. Some of them are still good ideas, I think, but there are so many ideas, but only so much time… So feel free to take some of them, play with them, elaborate, maybe realize them. It would definitely nice to see them done.

The Good

I still think they are a good idea, but there is no time at this moment, and probably never will be.

The Bad

I don't know what gave bith to those ideas. Its either underrated genius, or too much alcohol. So, materialize them if you want, but I won't take responsibility if you hurt or kill yourself.

The Ugly

These are the projects I actively refuse to do. May be they would harm people, or society, or the are just too time consuming to still live a life. Where possible I tell you why I won't touch them with a 10 foot pole.