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Using plain text for everything


My virtual bookshelf

A picture is worth a thousand database-entries

A few years ago I decided, wherever possible, to not buy any more books. It's not that I don't want to read any more, oh the contrary, it's the huge, space-consuming amount of paper on the shelves that you have to pack and unpack every time you move. So eBooks are OK and since this decision my favourite way to read books.


Why I love plaintext

Plaintext often sounds as being too simple for most applications. I would like to explain, why that mostly isn't true.

I sat very excited in front of my home banking program. It was the only one that was able to communicate directly with my bank under Linux. Unfortunately, the possibilities for running analyses were very limited, but that' wouoldn't be a problem. Linux provides a lot of software to make beautiful graphics out of dreary numbers. However, the banking software only stored its data in an antique and apparently encrypted database system.


Neu bei Mastodon?

Tipps für Anfänger in Mastodon

Neu bei Mastodon? Dann sei willkommen!

Du hast dich von irgendwem überreden lassen, doch mal Mastodon auszuprobieren? Womöglich warst die vorher bei Twitter, und nun ist irgendwie alles ganz anders? Dann ist dieser Blogeintrag für dich, denn er soll dich über die ersten Einstiegsschwierigkeiten bringen, und dir helfen dich schneller wohl zu fühlen.