Posts about the Emacs Org mode

Emacs built-in mode for organizing everything


A simple GTD approach using Org mode and Org Edna

I think, I found the final version of my personal workflow

In his blog post A Draft Workflow for Advanced Project Management Using Org Mode and Org Edna Karl Voit wrote about his dream of a workflow that would allow him to do complex project management within Org mode. If you havn't read it, please do so. As always it's a good piece of some well thought processes, and I won't most of them repeat here.


Using Nextcloud Notes with Org mode

The poor mans two-way sync for nextloud notes

One of the apps that ship with Nextcloud is Notes. It is not much more than its name says. You can open a note, type some text, and do some basic formatting stuff in markdown syntax. If you want, you can give each note a tag, which results in a folder, where that note is placed in. Those notes are synced as normal *.txt files to your file system in a folder named Notes, including the tagging subfolders. It's dead simple, but useful, as I described in my blog entry about writing a shopping list with org mode.


Handling my shoppinglist from Org mode

How I get my shoppinglist from my computer to my mobile phone

Twice a week I compile a shopping list, mostly for our local supermarket, but also for some smaller stores. Getting the finished list the easiest way to my phone was a thing that I wanted to automate for a long time.