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Posts about Emacs (old posts, page 1)

Finance under Control with Ledger (1) - Basics

Doing your finances on the commandline. Or more comfortably in Emacs with ledger mode.

Who of us does not know that. At the end of the money there is plenty of the month left, and is usually used by the Gasworks and the goldfish breeders' club to collect their annual fee (including the price increase) from your account.

I also had a time when I had to do a lot of financial juggling to live from month to month, even though I had as much money as today. I just did not have under control as well as I now have. The heart of the problem was actually that I almost never knew how much of the money in my account was really free to spend, and what bills would come up in the near future.


Medusa - The mother of all Hydras

Bundling all Hydras into a single file to rule them all, and to use them context aware

One of the problems of all text editors is that they actually have to reconcile two different functions, capturing text, and editing of text. That we are seldom aware of how different these two tasks are is also part of the problem. Our mind tends to switch seamlessly between these two tasks.

We write a sentence, and even as we type it, we notice that after the last word it would have been better to have a comma, and that the whole paragraph might have been part of the introduction anyway, maybe as a quotation.


My perfect typing environment. Finally.

I built me a mechanical keyboard specialised for Emacs and coding

If you have read my earlier articles about my search for the perfect keyboard, you may have got an idea of what I was looking for. Namely a mechanical keyboard with a decent keyboard layout, optimized for my use case. I mostly do my writing with Emacs, and a lot of it is german text and programm code. In the meantime I found my perfect solution, and realized I had no article of it in my blog. So this is it, maybe it is of use for some of you.